The Hollowing

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Hollowing, written by Robert Holdstock,

Original Art

The Hollowing


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The Hollowing - art by Geoff Taylor
The Hollowing - art by Geoff Taylor
Interzone, August 1993 #74 - art by Geoff Taylor
A book cover using the art - art by Geoff Taylor

Synopsis for Original Title

Searching for his son, Alex, Richard Bradley enters Ryhope Wood - the legendary Mythago Wood, wherein live phantoms and creatures strange and terrible. Left brain-damaged after a bizarre attack, Alex disappeared into the wildwood, drawn into its green heart through a 'hollowing'. Richard's quest to find him leads through many of the strange ways of the wood, and leads Richard into mortal danger. For Alex's dreams now populate the primeval forest with his own "mythagoes", but like Alex they are damaged. They come to threaten the survival of the wood itself as they search for their creator...




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