The Rise of Jonas

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Rise of Jonas, written by Benjamin Roberts,

Original Art

The Rise of Jonas


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The Rise of Jonas by Benjamin and Thomas Roberts - art by Geoff Taylor

Synopsis for Original Title

Lost to the world, but not forgotten… Evil waits… The demon Shantou ruled the island of Valbarak for over two thousand years, from the First Age until the Third Age. The cruel sorcerer enslaved all the people living on the island. His empire was a cruel force, during dark times for men. Four powerful wizards betrayed him, they brought wisdom and magic to the world of men. Resistance grew, a new hope arose in the hearts and minds of the people of Valbarak. The kingdom of Atlan became strong enough to oppose Shantou, with great swordsmanship and bravery of its knights. Shantou was imprisoned in a tomb. His head was separated from his body, his broken body was left for the birds to feast upon. Before his death, his soul was transferred to a mystical black rock. This was placed in a golden coffin. Powerful magic spells were placed on the coffin. The wizards did this to keep Shantou locked in his prison. The year is 3991. Atlan has ruled the island of Valbarak in relative peace for a thousand years. The dark Queen (Shantou’s daughter) has planned the destruction of Atlan. Her army left her stronghold, they made there way to the lost city of Lobas to awaken Shantou from his prison. The fate of the world rested upon the shoulders of one man, General Jonas - protector of Atlan. He alone could stop evil returning to the world of men.





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