Bookmarks not only can they be used to keep your place, they can be collectable too!

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Games Workshop Bookmarks - Signed and numbered Limited Edition

Geoff received permission from Games Workshop, who own the copyright, to produce a limited edition set of bookmarks, based on some of the art he created for them

There are 15 different paintings that were selected for the bookmarks. Each bookmark has 2 images, each image is 2 x 8 inches (5cm x 20cm), in a protective semi-rigid plastic sleeve which measures 2 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches, with a coloured tassel, though the colours of the tassels are likely be different to those shown below.

Only 20 bookmarks of each painting were ever made. These are signed by Geoff and numbered. So not only do they start off as being highly collectable, we could even say rare !

1. Mordheim ALL SOLD
2. Chaos Warrior ALL SOLD
3. Angels of Death ALL SOLD
4. Eldar Attack ALL SOLD
5. Dwarf Troll Slayers ALL SOLD
6. High Elves ALL SOLD
7. High Elf ALL SOLD
8. Dragon Princes - Sabertooth Gaming Card illustration
9. Space Wolves ALL SOLD
10. Necromunda ALL SOLD
11. Orion ALL SOLD
12. Warhammer Fantasy Battle ALL SOLD
13. Realm of Chaos ALL SOLD
14. Lizardmen 
15. Archmage Eagle - Sabertooth Gaming Card illustration

£5 + £1 postage in UK



Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Bookmarks

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: "Wolf Brother" Book 1, "Spirit Walker" Book 2, "Soul Eater" Book 3, "Outcast" Book 4, "Oath Breaker" Book 5 and "Ghost Hunter" Book 6

* Limited edition of 35 signed and numbered BOOKMARKS

Designed using images that Geoff created from the books. Each Bookmark is signed and numbered by Geoff, there are a selection of illustrations on the reverse side. Here the photos show both sides of the Bookmarks. Each side or picture is approx 2 x 8 inches in a protective semi-rigid plastic sleeve which measures 2 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches, with a coloured tassel, though the colours of the tassels are likely be different to that shown here.

Ghost Hunter bookmarks ALL SOLD




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