The Ruby Knight (v2)

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Ruby Knight (v2), written by David Eddings,

Original Art

The Ruby Knight (v2)


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The Ruby Knight - art by Geoff Taylor
Concept painting for Ruby Knight V2 - art by Geoff Taylor


In a firey red sunset, a battle rages with lots of fighting soldiers. Also in the background there is a city besieged. The main figure stands with his sword raised ready for combat. Below this scene is painted a separate battle scene with banners flying in victory, painted by Geoff Taylor.


Book Two of the Elenium

Synopsis for Original Title

The Ruby Knight. Ehlana, the young Queen of Elenia, clings to life by a thread, preserved within a crystalline tomb conjured by the sorceress Sephrenia. But there’s a price to pay – twelve Pandion Knights must sacrifice their lives to keep her alive for just one year. Only one thing is powerful enough to save Ehlana: the Bhelliom, an exquisite and magical jewel that has been lost for centuries. Sparhawk, the Queen’s Champion, and his band of allies must set off on a perilous quest to locate the precious stone. But the evil God Azash has plans for it himself…




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
13x19 inches or 33x48 cm

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